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more batter brings you to the different places in the world – one fried chicken at a time! Our first stop – Korea! Our Korean boneless fried chicken is more batter because of its crispy batter and double frying. Together with authentic Korean sauces, it definitely makes you want to say “”완전대박! 순살치킨” (Wanjeondaebak! – which means ‘really awesome boneless fried chicken’ in Korean).

our flavours

more batter aims to bring you the best fried chicken you will ever have. Honestly, we think our fried chicken is more batter (no pun intended!) than the rest. Focusing on creating an array of exciting and flavoursome korean inspired sauces that blend perfectly well with crispy fried chicken.


enjoy savoury nori bites all over juicy bite-sized fried chicken

honey garlic

our honey garlic chicken’s adorable sweetness will capture your heart and never let go     

cheesy gochujang

say cheese! our nacho cheese chicken nacho-nly brings meat to the mouth and a big smile as well

white slaw

looking for something different? Our special yoghurt-based white slaw chicken which can give you a novel refreshing delight 

ginger soy

a well-known synonym for addictive, our ginger soy chicken will leave you wanting for more  


a delicate balance of sweet, savoury and spicy, our gochujang chicken pays homage to the most authentic Korean recipes  

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